We’re committed to native application development. Simply put, we believe this is the best way to achieve beautiful, easy to use, high quality apps.

Many apps use what are known as cross-platform frameworks. These frameworks allow developers to write majority of the code for the application in a common language. iOS and Android use different languages for native applications, so these frameworks help eliminate the need to be an expert in both, thus speeding up development time. There are many benefits to this approach, and there are many cases where this is exactly the right approach. But one thing should remain clear, this approach is solely to speed up the development process and reduce cost.

Cross-platform apps cannot exceed the quality and capabiliity of developing apps designed ppurposefully and intentionally for a specific platform, and often result in a sub-standard user experience. User interface elements may not follow Apple’s guidelines, responsiveness and loading can feel slow, and some core features of iOS cannot be easily utilized.

Again, while we recognize there are many cases where these cross platform approaches are good enough, we do not use them and will happily refer you to another agency if we believe it is a better fit for your project. If you’re interested in this approach, there are some great projects out there like, Vue Native.

Apple invests heavily in user experience. They produce a lot of high quality content for software developers to help ensure that all iPhone, iPad, Mac, and watch apps provide a great user experience. We take Apple’s guidelines seriously and we refer to them when helping new clients design their app.

Here are a few of the guides we recommend reviewing. We encourage our clients to review these as we rely on them to guide our design and development process.