One of our core values is transparency. We want our customers to feel confident that they know what they’re getting when they choose to work with us. We make our pricing open to everyone.

All of our projects are estimated based on an hourly rate of $70. Most apps take anywhere from 2-6 months working full-time, which can range from $22k to $67k. Investing that much money into a new app requires a lot of upfront research and planning. While we are happy to help entrepreneurs in their early stages of an idea, we usually work with clients who have an established product or business or can directly quantify the financial benefit of a new app.

Developing the app is just the beginning. When planning a new software project, it’s common to make comparisons to physical construction where the physical product or building almost immediately produces a return on investment with little to no immediate maintenance or changes. However, software is actually much more comparable to a living thing that requires regular maintenance and attention. New projects often undergo more changes shortly after development as you respond to customer feedback and changes in the marketplace. Most apps are tightly integrated with cloud systems that provide storage or other services (think Google maps, weather data, or Dropbox), and these things also have a life of their own, requiring changes and improvements over time.

Once your app is in production, you can rely on us to continually provide maintenance and improvements as needed. This work is also estimated at the same hourly rate of $70, but we make it very clear at the start of a project what the maintenance cycle looks like and we guarantee limits on these costs so that you’re not left with a project that is too expensive to maintain.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!